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M2M Global Technology Limited (Quiktrak Global) is offering a limited number of exclusive franchises in the fast-growing market of GPS and home/office security. If you are a dedicated and honest professionally minded individual Quiktrak can provide you our Security Franchise with all products, back end iT and technical support, and full training to fast track your business growth.

Who We Are?

Quiktrak Global is one of the largest GPS security and tracking companies in the world with 23 offices in 17 countries, and more than 760,000 clients worldwide.

With the ever increasing market available to Quiktrak and its authorized resellers worldwide, we have decided to offer a limited time opportunity to strategically located operators to franchise the Quiktrak opportunity into countries where our company does not yet operate.

What Are We Doing?

QuikTrak Global is a developer and manufacturer of Total GPS security solutions, as well as one of the largest WORLDWIDE companies in the field of GPS security and tracking. We provide our distributors, resellers and franchisees with 24/7 emergency response and support in 5 languages.

Area of Application Solution

  • Monitoring and control fleet/cargo transportation and fuel consumption
  • Monitoring of private commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery and factory machinery
  • Pet control
  • Fleet management for taxis, bus and other passenger transport a various kind ownership
  • Rent-a-car security and monitoring
  • Personal security, tracking and accident monitoring
  • Marine monitoring services

Profit From GPS Security and Monitoring
Business Consists:

  • 01

    Upfront Income
    from product sales

  • 02

    Stable income through
    the sale of ready-made

  • 03

    Income from installation
    device sales

  • 04

    Recurring income due to the subscription fee per device

The GPS Security and Tracking Industry

  • Search for potential customers within your franchise area
  • Quiktrak will provide full training and promotional material.
  • Installation of the equipment
  • Quiktrak will conduct free training your of technical specialists for installation and setting up the equipment.
  • Subscription maintenance services for devices and clients
  • Quiktrak will provide full online and technical support service 24/7 for you and your customers allowing you to get on with building your business
  • Process order
  • Quiktrak will provide you with the necessary device, with a full range of products for all applications. All are industrial quality, manufactured in our own factory, with all relevant documentation in accordance with certified international standards at distributor purchasing prices and the security of a full 3 year replacement warranty.
  • Training on working with software
  • Quiktrak will conduct free training your technical specialists to work withthe software, as well as full 24/7 online and telephone support.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Special purchase prices for products

  • Available free mobile applications

  • 24/7 Specialized Emergency Response Centre for helping customers

  • 3 Year Full Replacement Hardware Warranty

  • The high quality of service to our clients

  • Online monitoring from any device having access to the Internet, the ability to view movement history

  • Providing mobile office (optional)

  • No royalties for franchisees

Your Benefits with a Quiktrak Franchise

  • Exclusive Rights

    To franchise in your region (a limited number of sole and exclusive franchises are available in selected countries).

  • A Total GPS security solution

    Quiktrak Global are a world leader in providing total GPS security and tracking solutions from the design, and manufacture of our GPS devices, to our back end and clinet based software solutions, and world first IMNS sim technology meaning our devices will work anywhere in the world where a GSM or WCDMA network exists.

  • Full Documentation

    We provide a complete package of documents and work standards.

  • Warranty

    We provide quality certificates and all necessary documents.

  • Products

    A complete range of high quality products designed and manufactured by Quiktrak Global, a world leader in GPS security and tracking solutions.

  • Profit

    High initial and ongoing recurring profit.

  • Ongoing Technical and Marketing support

    Advertising material, ongoing support and training, including advertising and promotional programs.

  • Support

    In all phases of the business, from the recruiting and training of staff, through accounting and sales training to ensure your business is a successful member of the Quiktrak team.

Steps to Secure Your Quiktrak Business

  • Complete application form and attend a preliminary interview. Discuss and agree the specific franchise agreement terms and conditions, franchise area and ongoing contractual relationshiеp.

  • Registration of the legal entity or private entrepreneur (If necessary, our specialists can assist and complete the process with you).

  • Approval location. Providing mobile office (optional+ extra costs) / Conclusion of the lease.

  • Execution of the franchising agreement. Payment of the initial franchise deposit on execution of the agreement (vendor finance is available if needed to the right applicants).

  • Initial technical and sales training and provision of all needed materials, instructions and other advertising and exhibition material.

  • Further ongoing management and staff Training.

Franchise Cost

For each partner we individually negotiate and agree the price and calculate a business model based on the analysis of business activity of the city in which you plan to run the franchise.

Team up with Quiktrak Security, in one of the fastest growing market segments in the world, Security.

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